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    I think the opposite of happiness is not unhappiness. The opposite of happiness is apathy, which is the loss of joy that we feel in our lives. Because if you think about it, unhappiness can sometimes make us breakup with people we shouldn’t be dating. Or unhappiness can cause us to move to do different jobs, or it can cause us to want to get better grades in school. Unhappiness can be very helpful. What I think becomes the problem is when we’ve lost that joy in our lives. When we lose that joy striving towards our potential.
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Done today in one session! I love my customers.


    Done today in one session! I love my customers.

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  4. OH MY GOD.

    The biggest thing just worked out and I think I might just die.

    I’m so excited.

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  6. I’m just going to spend the rest of the day sitting in my room bawling with my carton of ice cream watching Bones.

    I can’t handle anymore shit today.

    Maybe I’ll attempt to start the classes I’ve actually managed to get.

  7. Okay, for real. If you’re a computer science teacher, you should know how to format. Your syllabus should not be html hell. It should be a fucking word document. With a decent font. Not old typewriter scratch.

    I mean really, what the fuck are you doing?

  8. School starts tomorrow and I’m kind of already so stressed that I want to puke.

    Or that could be the antibiotics.

    Or it could be because my online class requires me to be in an on campus class DURING MY OTHER CLASS. There’s a fucking reason it’s an online class, you douche.

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    And that ladies and gays is what I call the right fuckin spirit

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This actually always made me really upset


    This actually always made me really upset

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    Lights, Camera, Wings!

    We know it’s only August, but these behind-the-scenes snaps from the set of our Holiday 2014 commercial have us ready for snowflakes & mistletoe. 

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    Oldtimey Chippendales photo. ;D #chippendales #houseofblues #wegotthis (at House of Blues San Diego)

    Oldtimey Chippendales photo. ;D #chippendales #houseofblues #wegotthis (at House of Blues San Diego)

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    Beyoncé & Nicki Minaj - ***Flawless (Remix)

    Never one to let music bloggers sleep, Queen Bey is back with another surprise late-night release. This time: A remix to the anthemic ***Flawless, sans Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, with a whole lot of Nicki Minaj added for good measure. The most interesting line comes when Bey addresses the now-infamous scuffle between her husband and sister:

    We escalate, up in this bitch like elevators.
    Of course sometimes shit go down
    when it’s a billion dollars on an elevator. 

    Less a feminist manifesto, and more a three and a half minute tutorial on how to deify yourself through music, Nicki and Yoncé waste no time reminding you who runs this shit, brushing off the scandals and gossip while getting back to the motherfuckin’ protocol: winning.